Golden Luxury Decoration Filigree Line

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Golden Luxury Decoration Filigree Line

Earning potential of 180,ooo/year for a

Full-Share ROyal Flush Service Plumber

On the Job Training

Our program is centered around hands on learning. ​Our apprentices have every opportuniy to learn ​about all types of plumbing, which gives them ​maximum earning power for their future careers. ​Each day will be different, with new skills to master. ​We believe this is the best envronment for growth.

Learn From

The Experts.

Get mentored by the best ​plumbers in Georgia. From ​underground to commercial ​to residential, you'll see the ​experts in action every day.

No Experience ​Needed.

We will teach you everything you ​need to know, and lead you to ​thrive in your new plumbing ​career. On going support will ​always be at your fingertips.

Avoid Student Debt And

Start Your Career Now.

The Future Is Bright for Plumbing

Step 01


Pay: $10-$13/hr

Step 02


Helper/Apprentice ​Blend

Pay: $13-$15/hr

Step 03


Full-Time Apprentice

Pay: $15-$17/hr

"The Trialz" is the 30-day ​culmination of the ​program. Upon ​completion, will receive ​a $3500 bonus.

Step 04


Full share technician ​making $75K-$200K/​yr and leading ​apprentices.

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